Updated 7/28/2022
Updated 10/22/2022
Updated 11/19/2022

Supplementary Returned Material Authorization (“RMA”) Terms

1. Formation of Contract for repair

1.1. These Supplementary RMA terms should be read in conjunction with Supplier’s standard terms of sale which can be found at https://www.canyonaeroconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Canyon-AeroConnect-Purchase-Agreement-Rev-27-April-2021.pdf which, together with these Supplementary RMA Terms, will form the terms of any contract between us associated with an RMA, and shall apply exclusively to any and all transactions hereunder, in lieu of any and all other terms or conditions.

1.2. Definitions used in the Supplier standard terms of sale will have the same meaning where used in these Supplementary RMA terms.

1.3. Supplier has a Quality Management System accredited to AS9100 and any RMA actions undertaken will be solely in accordance with this Quality System.

2. Return of Goods for Repair

2.1. Prior to return of any Goods the Buyer must contact the Supplier’s Customer Hub team to obtain an RMA number allocated to the specific Goods to be returned.

2.2. Buyer acknowledges that all Goods returned without an RMA number will not be actioned until an RMA questionnaire is completed and an RMA number is allocated.

2.3. The RMA number is valid for 90 days. If the Goods are returned after this 90 day period the RMA may be closed. This will require that a new RMA is generated in accordance with 2.2, above. If you wish to keep the RMA open longer than 90 days, please contact the Supplier Customer Hub to discuss, before expiry of the 90 day period.

3. Goods returned under Supplier Warranty

3.1. Where Goods are returned to Supplier under an RMA and are subject to a Supplier warranty under the terms of the original supply contract for the Goods, the following process will apply:

3.1.1. All Goods returned to Supplier with a valid RMA number will be inspected and tested upon arrival (“Evaluation”).

3.1.2. When a fault is identified during evaluation and which is covered by a Supplier warranty from the original supply contract with the Buyer, the Goods will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the terms of that contract.

3.1.3. In the event of no fault being found in the Goods during Evaluation, the Goods will be returned to the Buyer and an Evaluation fee and shipping costs will be charged.

3.1.4. Supplier shall be entitled to invoice the Evaluation fee (including any shipping costs) on dispatch of the returned Goods and Buyer will pay the Evaluation fee invoice within 30 calendar days.

4. Goods returned not covered by Supplier Warranty

4.1. For Goods returned to Supplier under an RMA which are found to require a repair and are either not subject to a valid Supplier warranty, or it is determined that the repairs are not covered by the relevant Supplier warranty (accidental damage, misuse, etc.) Supplier will provide the Buyer with a quotation (“RMA Quotation”) for repair of the Goods to the Buyer.

4.2. The RMA Quotation will include:

4.2.1. the cost of repair and

4.2.2. any reasonable costs of transportation and/or

4.2.3. the costs of safe disposal of the Goods.

4.3. In the event that, in the opinion of Supplier, the Goods (or any part thereof) are deemed beyond economic repair, Supplier will only provide an RMA Quotation for disposal of the Goods or return of the Goods to the Buyer.

4.4. Buyer shall, within 30 days from the date of the RMA Quotation, provide Supplier with a purchase order for either:

4.4.1. the full RMA Quotation costs and fees; or

4.4.2. Disposal of the Goods; or

4.4.3. return of the unrepaired Goods.

5. Failure of Buyer to respond to RMA Quotation

5.1. In the event that no response is received from the Buyer (as required by section 4 above) within 30 days of the date of the RMA Quotation, Supplier shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to either return the Goods to the Buyer

6. Packaging

6.1. For all Goods returned by the Buyer under an RMA that may be susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD) Buyer is responsible for ensuring all such Goods are properly packaged using appropriate electrostatic dissipating and shielding packaging materials.

6.2. Buyer is responsible for ensuring that all Goods returned to Supplier are packaged to ensure protection against corrosion, deterioration, and physical damage during shipment.

7. Buyer Data

7.1. Buyer acknowledges that during the Evaluation, any required repair or acceptance test, the Goods may be subject to reprogramming to a factory setting or default file status. Goods may not be returned with original data files and Buyer is responsible for retaining any programmable files and/or data stored in the Goods prior to sending the unit to Supplier. Supplier shall have no liability for any loss of Buyer data.

8. Export Regulations

8.1. If any RMA Goods are ITAR or EAR controlled Buyer must identify this to the Supplier prior to allocation of an RMA number (If Buyer is unsure of the classification of the Goods, please contact the relevant Supplier Customer Hub to discuss in advance of any shipment to Supplier).

8.2. If Buyer ships Goods to Supplier incorrectly and in potential violation of relevant export regulations, the RMA will not be actioned and Goods will not be returned until Supplier receives an amended purchase order correcting any potential violation. In this event Supplier shall be entitled to charge an additional Export License Fee of $500.00.

8.3. In the event that it is determined that the Goods or any part thereof are to be disposed of by Supplier, Buyer shall be responsible for any notifications and or permissions required by relevant export authorities.

8.4 If a Customer fails to approve a repair quote of any Product within 21 calendar days, Canyon shall store such Product and Customer shall be charged $500.00 beginning the first day following the quote expiration date for reasonable storage costs. The $500.00 storage fee will be charged bi-weekly until quote approval is provided. Storage Costs are defined as fees paid by the Customer as a monthly rental for the Customers right to occupy and use Storage Space for a particular item of a particular size and weight.

8.5 Handling Fees will be applicable to each repair order. Handling fees support the supply and use of materials associated in the repair process such as chemicals, cleaners, PPE, etc. and the expense of safely and responsibly handling and disposing of and recycling both removed components in the repair process from units and such things as used oils, lubricants, glues, solder, conformal coating substate, etc. as well as unpacking, damage inspection and documentation, validating part numbers and serial numbers, etc.

8.6 Effective immediately, all RT-5000, 5520 and 4420 products will be subject to a test and evaluation cost as well as a flat rate repair charge (minor/major/overhaul).

Chelton Avionics d.b.a. Canyon AeroConnect expressly rejects FAR 52.223-99 and DFARS 252.223-7999 as well as any other clause or provision of a similar nature that requires or mandates a medical procedure, testing, inoculation or vaccine. You may contact our Compliance Manager at 928/925-6524 or email kurt.[email protected] if you would like to discuss this matter.


1. Create a Request for RMA by logging in to our RMA website. If you do not have an account yet, please click SIGNUP and provide accurate information such as name, shipping address and a valid email address.

2. Please provide a detailed description of the reason for returning the product.

3. We will review your request within 2 business days, do not send you item until you have received an RMA Number. You will receive a notification email when your RMA Request is approved. You can also log in to our system anytime to check the status of your request.

4. Upon receiving an RMA Number, login to our website to print your RMA form and packaging slip . Ship your item.

5. You can monitor the status of your return (24x7) by logging into our website

Notice for all returns originating from outside the United States:

Only these carriers are authorized to clear US customs on our behalf. Do not choose “Broker Select” and there should be no mention of Canyon AeroConnect’s customs broker (DB Schenker) on paperwork associated with your shipment.

• First Choice – FedEx
• Second Choice – UPS
• Third Choice – DHL

If you choose to use a carrier other than one of the three listed above, you are responsible for all costs including but not limited to freight and storage fees. Shipments must be sent via DAP incoterms and the following information must be added to your AWB.

Please send arrival notice to Schenker, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Schenker, Inc.
1501 Hughes Way
Suite 300
Long Beach CA, 90810
PH: (310) 952-4483
Fax: (310) 952-4440”

Ensure the commercial invoice and airway bill are provided with the arrival notice to Schenker.

Canyon AeroConnect disclaims all responsibility for costs and delays associated with shipping via freight forwarders.
Any fees paid by Canyon to clear incoming shipments will be charged to the shippers account and must be paid prior to the return of the repaired product.

Contact for customs clearance questions concerning US inbound international shipments can be routed to:
Canyon Shipping & Receiving
Phone : +1 928-708-1517
Email : [email protected]

Clicking "Accepted" means you agree to the following with regard to any transactions related to this Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process: