Updated 4/12/2023


Our OEM factory repair station is here to meet your needs for product repairs, spares, upgrades, and modifications. With each repair order, your item also receives the hardware, firmware and software updates as specified by the OEM to ensure optimal functionality and reliability.

We highly recommend that customers email [email protected] for a preliminary repair quote prior to returning any product. With this information a customer can provide Canyon with a pre-funded repair approval at a minor or major repair level. This will allow us to work through your repair without delay.

If you have an RMA account, please login here, if not please request one here. Make sure to review our Return Policy before submitting an RMA Request. If you are unable to create an RMA or need any assistance along the way, please call 928-708-1531 or email us at [email protected]

Our Customer Hub is happy to answer any questions you have and assist with the process as needed.

Please note our repair policy was updated - effective 7/29/2022.

Canyon AeroConnect has discontinued repair maintenance of it's antenna system components. This is primarily due to the rising costs and repair turn around times in relation to high product reliability with relatively low demand for repair maintenance. Going forward, repair by replacement will be the recommended action and spares planning will help prevent shortages. For product replacement options please email [email protected].

*Evaluation testing and recertification services may continue to be available for some products. For confirmation of availability and pricing, please email [email protected]*

Affected Model and Part Numbers:

AT-434A     3614017-4301
AT-434A     071-1348-00
AT-434A     071-1348-10
AT-434A     071-1348-20
AT-50     121-016587-01
AT-5000     121-040045-01
AT-5000     121-040045-02
AT-51     121-016796-01
AT-51     121-016796-02
AT-560     121-040130-01
AT-560     121-040130-02
AT-570     121-042832-01
AT-570     121-042832-02
FC-50      153-016586-01
FC-5000      153-040047-01
FC-550     153-017851-01
FC-570     153-042831-01